Here’s why GSK and Haleon shares have tanked this week

It’s fair to say it’s been a bad week for both GSK (LSE: GSK) and Haleon (LSE:HL) shares. After starting the week at 1,667p, GSK dropped to around 1,430p. The Haleon spinoff, meanwhile, has fallen to around 266p after starting the week at 308p. So, what’s with these two British stocks? And does recent stock … Read more

My Aviva shares leapt 17%. Should I sell or buy more?

Image source: Getty Images For most of the first six months of 2022, my wife and I mostly refrained from buying new stock. Instead, we build our ‘dry powder’, building piles of cash from stock sales and regular cash dividends. However, ahead of H1/2022, we started to act. Taking advantage of the usual summer lull … Read more

Lloyds shares are down 20% since January. Should I sell or buy more?

Image source: Getty Images So far this calendar year, rollercoaster ride enthusiasts have a lot in common with shareholders Lloyds . Banking Group (LSE: LLOY). That’s because Lloyds stock goes up and down in a zigzag like the bumpiest ride in Alton Towers or Thorpe Park. Lloyds stock oscillates wildly At its 2022 high, the … Read more

Is Elon Musk on the money about lithium shares?

Image source: Getty Images I know I know. After Twitter disaster, it can be hard to take some of the things Elon Musk has said about investing seriously these days. So can I take his recent talk about lithium stocks seriously? He was quoted (tweeted?!) lamenting lithium’s high price and cost impact on it Tesla … Read more

Will Arrival stock hit $2 anytime soon?

Image source: Getty Images Arrival (NASDAQ:ARVL) stocks have been really battered this year. Its recent Q2 earnings haven’t helped either, as its share price has dropped another 25%. But with the expected start of production for the UK electric vehicle specialist, its share price could bounce back. Be productive Arrival didn’t exactly cover itself in … Read more

A top UK value stock to buy from the FTSE 250!

Image source: Getty Images It FTSE 250 has fallen by double-digit percentages since the start of the year. This means UK investors looking for value stocks have a good chance of getting a quote or two. Things could remain tough for the broader FTSE 250 in the short to medium term. London’s second-tier stock index … Read more

Can the tempting M&G dividend yield of 8%+ last?

Image source: Getty Images One of the shares I own is an asset manager M&G (LSE: MNG). Its recent record capital growth is remarkable, its shares standing within 1% of where they were a year ago. But I like corporate dividends. M&G’s dividend yield is 8.2% today – and yesterday the company announced an interim … Read more

Should I snap up Taylor Wimpey shares at £1.30?

Image source: Getty Images It Taylor Wimpey the stock price has seen a 10% recovery since hitting a low in mid-July, although still in the red. With that in mind, I might consider buying some of its shares before the stock market recovery kicks in. Building momentum It FTSE 100 housebuilder reported half a year’s … Read more